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‘beatsandthat’ is all about discovering new music. We aim to serve a bite-sized portion of old, new and everything in-between; regardless of genre or style. However, we do tend to stray from the beaten track. You won’t find any top 40 tunes here.


In each ‘Artists of the Week’ post you’ll find FIVE artists; bands, producers, whatever. We always try to deliver a good mix of old and new, and you’ll also find a mystery track at the end.

Every post contains a little info about the artists and tracks along with a link, so you can listen and maybe discover some more music for yourself. Simples.


All of our Artists of the Week posts are made into a mini five-track playlist on YouTube. If you’d rather get straight to the listening then you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll find a playlist for each and every post on our channel. You can also go through our likes to find even more music. Just scroll through our channel to explore.

Aside from Artists of the Week, we also make a huge variety of playlists on Spotify. If five tracks isn’t enough to satisfy your appetite, here you’ll find much larger selections of music defined by a huge variety of styles, genres and moods. You’ll even find guest playlists from our friends. Convenient, right?


We want to help people discover new music whilst championing great artists! Some of you are already seeking out more to listen to, and others are stuck in one lane. Either way, we’re here to help people branch out and share the love. You already know about the charts, we’re here for the rest.

We’ll leave you to read a few posts, check out our YouTube and Spotify pages, and if you like what we’re about you can hit subscribe to stay updated. Don’t worry, you won’t get any spam; just a couple of emails each month to let you know there’s more music to listen to.