Get excited, get GASSED, we’ve got some amazing music lined up for number 18.

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1.)  Balthazar

I heard this band a couple of months ago, and I’ve been trying to find them since. Balthazar are an indie pop group and I’m a little surprised they’ve not become more renowned outside of their native Belgium, and surrounding parts of Europe; because we love this shit in the UK!

There’s a certain nostalgia that surrounds Balthazar’s raw sound, and the band have a beautiful style that suggests they’re not in a rush to get anywhere. It’s music for long, thought-filled journeys, good times spent in company and drunken sing-alongs. I hope the band get the recognition they deserve.

Here’s one of their most popular tunes:

Balthazar – Bunker

2.) Viken Arman

Viken Arman’s latest offering is a beautiful, slow burning deep house track by the name of ‘Rainbow’.

Contrast to the first thoughts you’d have from a track called ‘Rainbow’, this one isn’t a happy-go-lucky number. Although it’s hardly the opposite of this initial musing, Viken Arman has put together a track that seems to embody a moody, yet content, ball of energy; perhaps inspired by the particles ‘trapped’ inside said rainbow itself. *hits blunt*.

The plodding beat, layers of noise and twinkling piano make for some easy listening, and there’s a mysterious buzz about this track that I didn’t expect; it’s beautiful.

Take a listen:

Viken Arman – Rainbow


Firstly, yes, that’s a real name. Secondly, it’s refreshing to hear a producer putting out some trap that doesn’t sound like every other tune within the scene (ooh, that was a bit catty – my apologies).

ICY TWAT has got a penchant for blending hard-as-fuck trap beats with lush, dreamy atmospheres. Granted, this isn’t to everyone’s taste. In fact, in that sense, the entire genre is comparable to Marmite. However, if you’re already other artists within the scene I’m sure you and ICY will get along just fine. Either way, give it a listen.

10/10 for creativity. 

In My White Tee (ICYTWAT Remix)

4.) Isaiah Rashad

Isaiah Rashad is another dude keeping hip hop grounded. It appears I might be a little late to the bandwagon but, for the most part, Isaiah’s fanbase remains within the (soon to be walled) borders of America.

Real lyrics, tight beats – Isaiah could be the next big thing.

I’ll let the man himself take it from here:

Isaiah Rashad – Heavenly Father

5.) ???

It’s mysterious, it’s laid back, and it’s full of soul.

Check it out:


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