Alright, it’s number 17. This one features some hip-hop, cuban music and girls who’ve never heard of garage. Let’s get stuck in.

1.)  Vanilla

So, there I was, digging deep in to the world of instrumental hip-hop as I skimmed through the suggested tracks YouTube threw at me; following link after link. After a handful of clicks I came across Vanilla’s latest beat-tape, ‘Origin’, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Listening to the album felt like sinking in to a bean-bag full of good memories, and as each track passes you become a little more relaxed. The opening track on the tape, ‘Dreamcatcher’, was breath-taking. As for the rest, well, you can decide for yourself.

You can name your price for Vanilla’s album here:

Vanilla – Origin

2.) HNNY

Like all those with a soul, I need a bit of disco.

On this track, HNNY borrow some vocals from Diana Ross’ 1970s hit ‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’ to create a hook. Throw in some dusty strings and a nice bassline alongside Ross’ heartfelt vocals and you’ve got yourself a smooth dance-floor filler.

The label behind this release, Local Talk Records, are also well worth checking out if you’re yearning for more of the same.

Oh, Disco. What would we do without you?

HNNY – Nothing

3.) Ben Young

Up next is Ben Young. Funnily enough, I was introduced to this guy’s music by the man himself. My flatmate came home one night with a couple of friends, one of which was Ben, and we got chatting.

Long story short, he showed me a couple of tracks and I loved them. The one below is a beautiful muddle of influences, from trip-hop to drum & bass, a foundation upon which Mr. Young has expertly cut up some sax samples. Take a listen!

Moral of the story? Talk to strangers.

Ben Young – Butter Jam v2

4.) Buena Vista Social Club

I found this tune watching the Christmas special of Netflix’s original show ‘Sense8’. The episode wasn’t particularly memorable, but this song stuck out.

The Buena Vista Social Club was a members’ club in Havana, Cuba, which became a popular spot for musicians to meet and play.

The venue closed in the 40s but, in 1997, nearly 50 years after the club was closed, it inspired a recording made by Cuban musician Juan de Marcos González and American guitarist Ry Cooder. This particular album, on which the track features, was made alongside traditional Cuban musicians, who had performed at the club during the height of its popularity.

The album’s success was followed by an Academy Award nominated documentary, which is well worth a watch.

Check out the track from Sense8 here:

Buena Vista Social Club – Chan Chan

5.) ???

So, I recently met someone who genuinely didn’t know what Garage music is, and there I was, thinking that my entire generation had had the privilege of listening to Daniel Bedingfield’s ‘Gotta Get Thu This‘ (don’t lie, you fucking loved it – and still do).

This next one is for you, poor, Garage-less girl:


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