More great music coming up as we reach AOTW 15. Some old, some new, some chilled and some fire.

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1.)  Bakradze

This new track from Bakradze is fresh off the press and sounding beautiful. Strangely enough, I was actually trying to describe someone to a friend the day before I found this (spooky) – it’s difficult, right? Some things have to be felt or experienced in order to be truly understood and I think that’s why music is often so incredible, as it can speak for us when words fail to adequately portray something, or someone.

Ironically, trying to describe this song, when words don’t really do it justice, was also a little difficult. It’s uplifting and a little euphoric that’s for sure, thanks to some subtle wisps of white noise, dainty pads and delicate vocal snippets. As a house track with plenty of percussion, the track also has enough energy about it to keep your head bobbing and your feet moving, which makes it an ideal track to drop in a set/playlist for a little breather; whilst still keeping momentum or the same tempo.

A song you can really get lost in:

I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone – Bakradze

2.) Yung Sherman

The YouTube account that uploaded this track described it as “Cloud Trap”, which I think is a pretty spot on summary.

Young Sherman, known mostly for his affiliation with rapper Yung Lean, is a producer hailing from Sweden with a penchant for Trap beats. A lot of Trap music can be lacking taste, or any imagination whatsoever for that matter, but not this tune. Yung Sherman knows his shit, which is why he’s sampled ‘Something About You’, by Jazz legend Ramsey Lewis, and made his mark on it respectfully.

In a way, the young Swede has taken a fantastic old song, lost in time to the majority of his generation, and translated it in to something more relatable to today’s music scene.

Old meets new, Jazz meets Trap/Hip-Hop.

Pizzaface – Yung Sherman

3.) Murkage Dave

Murkage Dave, a former member of the now disbanded group ‘Murkage’, has a new track out; and it’s a good one.

Despite having a reputation as an MC, a crowd-pumper, Dave has laid bare his soulful side with this one, ‘CAR BOMB’. You can’t help but sink in to the depths of his raw and honest lyricism, which is accompanied by an equally as touching beat produced by UsedTo.

Murkage Dave may be singing with his heart on his sleeve but the track still has a touch of upbeat funk to it, thanks to a wiry sounding guitar skank and drum beat with plenty of groove.

I was pleasantly surprised and impressed by this one. Check it out here:

CAR BOMB – Murkage Dave

4.) Geeneus

As a former radio pirate, DJ and founder of Rinse FM, Geeneus is responsible for bringing through an impressive array of talent (now big names) out from their bedrooms and in to the limelight. This man has pushed the UK’s underground music scene forward from the frontline, so it’s safe to say he’s a bit of a legend.

Geeneus also happens to be responsible for producing this absolute banger of a remix of Benga and Coki’s track ‘Night’, one of the cornerstones of Dubstep. The track has been switched up and transformed in to a dark, creeping UK Funky number.

One for the club; and an important track for the U.K.’s underground music scene. 

Night (Geeneus Remix) – Benga and Coki

5.) ???

You know the drill. When we hit number 5 on the list I just leave you to listen. This one is an old jazzy number from all the way back in 1977.



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