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1.)  Commodo

First up it’s Commodo, a well-known producer within the Grime scene, with an absolute banger in ‘Hadi Hadi Ah’. The first time I played this track I envisioned a large group of apes and monkeys, the jungle’s equivalent of ‘roadmen’, swinging from trees and stomping their feet in unison as they played the percussion instruments heard in the track; bells, chains, wooden blocks, bongos etc. I reckon they could whip out a ‘dab’ (I’m sure we’re all familiar with that by now) every so often too.

In summary, imagine some sort of hypnotic monkey ceremony in the jungle. I think I may have had too much coffee. Anyways, take a listen to the tune and hopefully my ramblings will become clear.

Plenty of percussion, gut-wrenching bass and evil sounding brass:

Commodo – Hadi Hadi Ah


The man behind the tribal mask has done it again. SBTRKT’s new offering with vocalist, and previous collaborator, Sampha is a beautiful and euphoric blend of bright synths, clockwork-like delay and, of course, Sampha’s feather soft vocals.

The first half of ‘TBD’ is upbeat and funky, thanks to a drum beat that very much serves as the hook, before the track switches up. The backing vocals drop out, a piano is introduced and a new, plodding beat drives the song forward. Somewhat reminiscent of some of Kanye West’s early tracks.

Perhaps we’ll hear some new solo work from Sampha soon too?

All in all, it’s a great track with a lot going on musically. Check it out:

TBD (feat. Sampha) – SBTRKT

3.) Leon Vynehall

3rd on the list, it’s Leon Vynehall! The song ‘Blush’, taken from Vynehall’s recently released album ‘Rojus (Designed to Dance)’ is another song much like Commodo’s ‘Hadi Hadi Ah’, in the sense that it captures traces that you could associate with tribes or the jungle/wild; this time in a much different mood.

In ‘Blush’, Animal calls and an emotive cry out from the distance connote the ‘jungle vibe’ I’ve been talking about, where as beautiful string chords and synths, laden with a phaser effect, are very much reminiscent of Disco. When all of these elements are fused together, along with an old school house beat, an incredibly uplifting dance floor filler is born as Vynehall keeps his style true to the roots of House music.

Leon Vynhall is absolutely killing it and his latest album, let alone just this track, deserves your full attention. Check it out:

Blush – Leon Vynehall

4.) SG Lewis

You’re at a festival, the sun is setting and you’re high as fuck on… Sorry, I mean you’ve had ‘a little bit to drink’, and you’re surrounded by your mates. You wanna hug them so bad because there’s a song making your heart swell with emotions and you need to embrace your friends before you implode with happiness.

SG Lewis’ remix of Smoke and Mirrors, originally produced by PATRÍCE, is that track, and you’ll know why as soon as those strings come in with the chorus. The song is beautifully stripped back and each instrument is more powerful as a result, especially the vocals.

Here’s the tune:

PATRÌCE – Smoke and Mirrors (SG Lewis Remix)

5.) ???

With an album on the way, this guy is attracting a lot of (well deserved) attention, especially over the pond in the U.S. He’s become renowned for his particular style of production, which combines elements of genres such as Jazz, House, Soul and Hip-Hop.

Here’s a single taken from the forthcoming album, ‘99.9%’: