Apologies to the superstitious, here’s AOTW number 13; a real mixed bag.

1.) Madd Again

Madd Again is a group comprised of Zedd Bias, Trigga, Specialist Moss and Killa Benz. Together, in their own words, they create Garage-Dancehall-Grime-Bashment music in a UK style and fashion.

The opening track, called ‘Koolout’, on their debut album, ‘MaddTing Vol. 1’, is testament to that and manages to encompass all of those genres at once. It’s also an absolute banger, so stick up your gun finger, work those knee joints and get down.

Certified MaddTing. 

Madd Again – Koolout

2.) Ben Buitendijk

You’ve probably noticed this by now but I love a good chilled, electronic number. This one comes in the form of a super-deep House track called ‘Promised Land’, by Ben Buitendijk.

The song draws a lot of influences from Dub and Techno, what with the delayed synths springing and dancing around at the edges of the speakers, but it’s also definitely one of the more melodic and atmospheric tracks to come out of the genre. A calming chord progression is played by a beautiful filtered synth and, as the song develops, some airy pads begin to glide around as if they were just above your head.

This one is all about the journey. 

Ben Buitendijk – Promised Land 

 3.) Natty & The Rebelship 

I was first introduced to Natty by a friend of mine in secondary school, I must have been around 16, when he showed my ‘Bedroom Eyes’.

Natty and his new band have not long released their debut album, ‘Release The Fear’, and it’s brilliant. The opening tune on the album, ‘I’m Alive’ is one of my favourites because it’s so infectious you can’t help but feel good.

There’s a lot of layers to this track, from a wide mix of percussion to interwoven guitar melodies, and Natty’s voice is as soothing as ever. It’s a real ‘live in the moment and appreciate it’ tune.

Great track for the upcoming summer.

Natty & The Rebelship – I’m Alive

4.) Kiko Bun

If you’ve read AOTW 9 you’ll know that I’ve actually already featured Kiko Bun’s track ‘Sticky Situation’. However, I’ve decided to stick it in here again because Kiko has just officially released the song, along with an official video, through Island Records. Congrats!

‘Sticky Situation’ is a playful tune that finds Kiko Bun asking his mother for some advice with girl troubles. The great vocals are just the start as this tune comes with a wicked drum beat, some brass, a growling organ and, of course, that famous Reggae guitar skank.

This guy is at the forefront of a new wave of talent coming up through the Reggae scene, and I can’t wait to hear more.

Get your strut on and don’t forget to support the artist (BUY MUSIC)!

Kiko Bun – Sticky Situation

5.) ???

This song is just beautiful. It manages to be uplifting and mellow, yet still a banger you could get down to in the club; all whilst maintaining a feel-good vibe throughout.

Do yourself a favour. . .