Week 12 is here, let’s get stuck in.

1.) Medasin

Like the name would suggest, this music is good for your health and, seeing as your GP isn’t presently with us, I’d like to prescribe a dose of Medasin’s track ‘Motion’.

As the song ducks with every kick and snare, ‘Motion’ feels like it has a life of its own; it’s as if the track is breathing. Pitched up vocals and filtered pad sounds swim around in a deep pool of reverb and the song often breaks down in order to introduce new sounds; beautiful production and musicianship.

Simply press the link below and listen for approximately 3 minutes and 36 seconds to be left feeling invigorated.

Side effects may include texting your ex to tell them you’re sorry.

 Medasin – Motion

 2.) The Elder Statesman

I was introduced to this next track whilst listening to Boiler Room’s ‘An Afternoon with Leon Vynehall’, a video that features plenty of tunes, an hour mix and a chat with, you guessed it, Leon Vynehall.

The song is called ‘Trans-Alpine Express’ and it’s a groovy little number with soulful piano tinkering, a plodding double bass and tidy percussion. I found it to be a particularly good track just to get you through a day of work.

Laid-back and funky.

The Elder Statesman – Trans-Penine Express 

3.) Kenton Slash Demon

Weird name aside, this Danish duo are putting some great work out there; so much so that Future Classic recently signed them.

In particular, their track ‘Syko’ caught my ear with its skittering drum beat, interesting samples and euphoric, uplifting vibe. The production on this tune has an air of Aphex Twin about it but, all things considered, the song leans more towards the club friendly side of today’s taste in electronic music; what with it’s ‘House-esque’ beat and tempo.

These guys are at the forefront of creative electronic music. 

Kenton Slash Demon – Syko

4.) Rosegold

I’ve recently discovered a pocket in House music filled by artists such as Jack J, Palms Trax and Mall Grab. These guys seem to encompass those warm, lo-fi, Deep House vibes, away from all the (awful) noise of that shit you’d hear at your local Tiger Tiger or Revolution.

As much as I’d like to take this opportunity to go off on a tangent about how much I hate ‘House Every Weekend’, or that remix of Destiny’s Child’s ‘Girl’, I’ll stick to the script.

If you like sultry electronic piano, a warm bassline and a hazy, comforting atmosphere about your House music then listen to this track from Rosegold.

Check out some of those other artists too!

Rosegold – Entro Senestre

5.) ???

Just a warning, this a one is slightly more ‘in your face’ than the others.

Treat your ears, click the link.