Number 11 is here, and this week I’ve decided to feature strictly Disco/Soul tunes. Let’s go!

1.) Patti Jo

Alright, this one is just a straight-up feel good anthem. If you ain’t stomping your feet by the time this song has finished then you have no soul and you’re in the wrong place, my friend.

The track was produced by the one and only Curtis Mayfield and it’s sassy as hell, what with the stabbing staccato notes played by the drums, piano and bass, as if to bullet point Patti Jo’s no nonsense vocals.

She’s had enough of your shit, Patti Jo wants a real man. 

Patti Jo – Make Me Believe In You

2.) Mary Clark

I was introduced to Mary Clark’s ‘Take Me I’m Yours’ by a Floating Points & Four Tet mix, from Plastic People’s closing party.

This tune has got everything that resembles Disco; scratchy guitars with weird and wonderful effects, a funky bassline (obviously), some brass, strings and catchy, crooning vocals. Also, it’s just over 7 minutes long, which is great because I’ve got plenty of time for this tune.

Everyone loves a catchy chorus to sing along to:

Mary Clark – Take Me I’m Yours

3.) Stephen Encinas

Time for something a little more psychedelic.

‘Lypso Illusion’ leans more towards the house side of the spectrum, with it’s ‘four-on-the-floor’ beat and tempo around the 128bpm mark. The piano solo intro, and the way the rest of the tune comes flying out of the blue, is magical. As the song progresses, and a flurry of instruments are introduced, you gradually become more immersed in the tune as it’s hypnotic melodies take you away in to the night.

You look at your phone, it’s 3am and you’re wondering how you just daydreamed for the entire duration of this song; so you put it on again.

The soundtrack to a planet where everything looks like it was created by a God on shrooms. 

Stephen Encinas – Lypso Illusion

4.) Phylis Hyman

I know what you’re thinking, “Is her second name HYMEN?!” No, no it’s not, but it’s close enough; you can have a giggle, I won’t judge you.

This song will have you hooked start to finish, from the moment the drummer plays a quick snare fill to bring in the entire ensemble, to the outro where Phyllis holds a note until it fades away into a sea of reverb. The cherry on the cake is that the track has even got some cowbell. Who doesn’t love a bit of cowbell?

‘You Know How To Love Me’ is a much loved disco anthem. 

Phyllis Hyman – You Know How To Love Me

5.) ? ? ?

This one quite literally is a mystery because it’s a white label remix, which means that the identity of the person responsible for the remix isn’t revealed on the label. White labels exist for a variety of reasons; in this case I’m guessing it’s because this track is an unsolicited remix.

Take a listen here:

? ? ? MYSTERY SONG ? ? ?