Well, we’ve made it to 10. Not bad, ey? Let’s check out this week’s tunes.

1.) Submotion Orchestra

First up is Submotion Orchestra with ‘Kimono’, one of the singles from their forthcoming album ‘Colour Theory’. This track is one of very few from this group that doesn’t feature vocals from the lovely Ruby Wood, which, in a way, makes it stand out from the other songs in Submotion Orchestra’s back catalogue.

The track starts off with what seems to be a kalimba accompanied by some playful samples, which are layered with echo reminiscent of those spring door stop things you’ve probably ‘twanged’ as a kid (google it). Throw in a typical house beat and some vocal chops and hey, you’ve got yourself a banger!

Not one of the typical jazz influenced tracks Submotion Orchestra have become renowned for, but a great addition to their new album. 

Kimono – Submotion Orchestra

2.) Sinh

When it comes to Hip-Hop, this kind of production is my jam. Fuck all your rappers/producers putting out the same trap beats using the same rinsed and repeated samples. THIS is what you need to be listening to.

In his track ‘FallInLuv (Friday)’, Sinh flips a song from Esperanza Spalding by sampling her piano and beautiful vocals and adding a nice swung jazz beat. Sinh also makes use of a vocal sample from MF DOOM’s track ‘Vomitspit’.

Sinh’s production pays a classy Hip-Hop tribute to Spalding’s original.

FallInLuv (Friday) – Sinh

Here’s the original too: Fall In – Esperanza Spalding

3.) MssingNo

Time to get a bit weirder now. MssingNo recently released his ‘official’ debut EP, ‘Fones’, on XL Recordings and it’s a good one. This producer is combining elements of R&B, Trap, Grime and Electronic music whilst simultaneously pushing the resulting ‘concoction’ towards the left-field side of music. For those wondering what I mean by ‘left-field’, I just mean that MssingNo is a bit unconventional, odd or quirky.

Anyways, my favourite track from the EP has to be ‘Inta’. The drums are fresh and fidgety, the synths are bright and iridescent and the vocals, which MssingNo often samples from well-renowned R&B songs, are catchy as hell. Throw in a thunderous, growling bass and you’ve got yourself a club banger.

We all NEED to hear this tune in a big venue. See what you think here:

Inta – MssingNo

4.) LAY

It’s time for some music from North West England now. ‘LAY.’ is a Soul singer/rapper from Manchester, and her track ‘Intact (Cradle Me)’ is a Neo Soul number as smooth as they come.

This song is full of warm vibes (Manchester… Warm?) and rich lyrical content. Throw in some keys and a nice beat and, well, you can’t go wrong can you? Props to whoever produced the tune too!

You can check the track here:

Intact (Cradle Me) – LAY

5.) ? ? ?

Okay, this is the part of the ‘show’ where I just drop in a track and leave you to do the rest. Trust me, you’re gunna want to listen to this one.

Introducing. . . 

? ? ? MYSTERY SONG ? ? ?