1.) Floating Points

Floating Points (a.k.a. Sam Shepherd) is a classically trained musician from Manchester. One of his most popular songs, ‘Arp3’, is a jazzy house number led by twitching electronic keyboard stabs and a busy, vibrating drum groove. The track demonstrates Shepherd’s ability to capture contrasting moods within the same song, evidenced by the keyboard, a flurry of uplifting and beautifully designed synths and a sinister sounding bass line – like a snake ready to ruin it’s particularly cheerful prey’s afternoon.

The result is a track shrouded in a mysterious and atmospheric ‘mist’, which you could just as easily dance to as you could sit back and listen with a cup of tea. Furthermore, Sam Shepherd has also put together a live band called ‘Floating Points Ensemble’ which you should check out too. Here’s a link to Arp3:

Arp3 – Floating Points

 2.) Kahn

Kahn’s Remix of Mungo Hi-Fi’s ‘Rules of the Dance’ makes for another moody track; but this time it’s much darker.

The tune is topped by the Jamaican English vocals of Charlie P, who sounds remarkably like MC Flowdan on this one. Elements of Dub and early Dubstep can be heard seeping into the pores of Kahn’s moody production as a variety of FX and samples, smothered with reverb and echo, ring out into the spacious atmosphere. All the while a deep and swollen bass throbs beneath the surface of a choppy drum rhythm.

This track can be suitably described as the quiet before the storm. Link here:

Rules of the Dance (Kahn Remix) – Mungo’s Hi-Fi

3.) Kiko Bun

Time for something a little upbeat now! Kiko Bun is an up and coming singer, songwriter and musician from London. In today’s saturated, and ever more accessible, music world it’s refreshing to hear young U.K. talent repping Reggae music.

Kiko’s track ‘Sticky Situation’ is extremely infectious and upbeat, and I was smiling from ear to ear the first time I heard it. The song features a rough and ready sounding guitar skank and a syncopated bass-line accompanied by flurries of gritty organ, which go hand in hand with Kiko’s playful lyricism and catchy hooks.

Is it summer? Perfect. If it’s not then no worries, this track will bring the sunshine to you! Take a listen:

Sticky Situation – Kiko Bun

4.) Kojey Radical

Kojey Radical is another young and refreshing artist. His thought provoking lyrics/poetry are almost a statement against the familiar ‘rinsed & repeated’ content that is often heard in today’s popular music; whether intentional or not.

In his track ‘Bambu’, Kojey’s spoken word style is accompanied by a beat that leans towards the left field of the genre with it’s choppy rhythms, melodic top-lines, and the use of a broad mix of synths, instruments, and samples. Although, having said that, it’s much easier just to describe the tune as “fucking awesome”.

Check it out for yourself here:

Bambu – Kojey Radical

5.) ? ? ?

Maybe Kojey would have been better off here as his track is much easier to listen to than describe. Nonetheless, this next one is equally as impressive and moving.


? ? ? MYSTERY SONG ? ? ?


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