1.) Dauwd

A seamless blend of future garage and minimal house, this tune has some fantastic drum patterns made from some ‘unconventional’ percussion.

‘Acireams’ starts with a whistling, otherworldly pad drifting about in the background before the shuffling future garage beat drops away momentarily. Another swelling, filtered pad gradually glides on to the scene before the kick starts to play on every beat and, all of a sudden, the track effortlessly progresses in to a minimal house track; smooth as you like.

The drums keep your ears pricked up, whilst swirling and atmospheric pads create layers of sound that glue the song together.

The more I listen the more I realise how good this song actually is. 

Here’s a link:

Acireams – Dauwd

2.) Crazy P

Here’s another track with some beautiful pad synths. Crazy P are band from the U.K. who have been about for a while now and, to be perfectly honest, I’m surprised, and a little disappointed, that they aren’t better known. Maybe their former name ‘Crazy Penis’ had something to do with it (no, I’m not joking).

Anyway, they’ve been bringing their down-tempo, disco/deep house infused music to those who know for about 20 years and their new album delivers more of the same. The opening track, ‘Like A Fool’, is an intimate, disco influenced house track with plenty of heart-felt vocals, twanging guitars and lush pads; complete with a sprinkling of percussion.

A great track and a perfect way to open their new album.

Here’s a link to ‘Like A Fool’:

Like A Fool – Crazy P

3.) Jme

So, grime legend Jme has just released his new album, ‘Integrity’, and it’s got plenty of people excited. I don’t think this track, in terms of the instrumental, is as good as some of his other tunes but, having said that, I had to put this song here because of the sheer amount of lyrics that I laughed at (in a good way).

Jme spits with fire in his belly and never fails to get the crowd going, and with bars like “I will bury man 2 feet shallow, ain’t got time to dig 6 feet deep” it’s no surprise. As a whole, Grime might not be the best genre out there musically or lyrically, but it’s got a raw, un-polished energy that few genres have. It’s fun and anyone can get involved.

Load your gun finger, point it in the air, and scream some bars along with Jme. 

Here’s a link:

Man Don’t Care (feat. Giggs) – JME

 4.) Direct

‘Memory’ is the latest release from Electronic producer direct. The song is so beautifully subtle and serves as the perfect example of when less is more.

Rain sounds and a chord progression, played by a filtered piano, introduce the song before a wisp of white noise/air brings in the vocals sung by Holly Drummond. I noticed that the white noise is used every time something in the song changes, whether it’s the sub bass coming in or a new melody.

It’s probably a good thing that you’re given a ‘clue’, so to speak, that the song is changing otherwise you’d probably drift off into dreamland; although there’s still a good chance that will happen anyway.

Super chilled. here’s a YouTube link:

Memory (feat. Holly Drummond) – Direct

 5.) ? ? ?

Coincidentally, I heard this track just as I came to write this section. It can definitely speak for itself.

Check it out:

? ? ? MYSTERY SONG ? ? ?


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