Pronounced Gregar, this Swedish producer is making those ‘fire beats’. His EP ‘4Ever Young’ is an exciting and refreshing take on Trap, a genre dominating popular music at the moment.

GRXGVR steers away from the typical ‘in the club with my bottle of Grey Goose’ shit in favour of moody atmospheres and powerful synths. The tracks are capable of stirring up emotions in the listener whilst simultaneously inspiring a good ol’ fashioned ‘turn up’; whichever takes your fancy. My favourite track from the EP, mostly for the production, is called ‘Scholar’ and it features Californian rapper Bones on vocals.

Here’s a link to Soundcloud, and you can also purchase his music via Bandcamp:

GRXGVR – Soundcloud

2.) Opolopo

I recently found Opolopo’s remix of Gregory Porter’s ‘1960 What?’ and almost immediately fell in love with the track. The track starts off with a ‘four-on-the-floor’ kick drum accompanied by an upright bass, before a bass synth follows suit. As soon as you hear Gregory Porter’s soulful vocals it’s got you; ‘hook, line and sinker’, as the saying goes. Piano fills, warm brass and quick flashes of drums, amongst other instruments, keep the song lively and interesting.

An absolutely amazing piece of music. Infectious, energetic and probably one of my favourite’s so far. You should check out both artists!

 Here’s a YouTube link: 

1960 What? (Opolopo Kick & Bass Re-rub) – Gregory Porter

 3.) Kojaque

This tune popped up when I was scrolling down my Facebook feed and I came across a video titled “guy learns to hold his breath and rap underwater”. I thought that was pretty fucking cool so I went to check it out, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The track, which I now know is called ‘Midnight Flower’, starts off with a throbbing, filtered pad that abruptly cuts off before a piano chord progression and melody comes in. Kojaque’s mellow rapping follows shortly before some live sounding boom-bap style drums complete the instrumentation.

Not only is the song really good, the video is amazing. According to some Reddit users, Kojaque actually passed out at the end of the video/song, which is 3 minutes long! Gritty.

You can watch Kojaque almost drown himself for the cause here:

Midnight Flower – Kojaque

4.) Leon Vynehall

I was reading an article about “the most transcendental tracks ever” recently and, although I didn’t agree with half the songs that were featured, I came across this tune which is very much worth listening to. Vynehall samples the J Dilla’s ‘So Far To Go’, who originally sampled the Isley Brothers’ classic ‘Don’t Say Goodnight’ – Sample inception… Sampleception?

The tune starts off with some drums, vocal cuts, and that familiar warm vinyl crackle as many house tracks have done before it. You realise this track is a big one when the Dilla sample comes in to play as the drums drop out and the track enters a breakdown. Vynehall adds a bass line and some hi-hat as he completes his full-flavoured recipe for a certified house banger.

A shining example of a sample-based track sticking to the roots of house music.

YouTube link here:

It’s Just (House of Dupree) – Leon Vynehall

5.) ? ? ? 

Last but not least, the Norwegian wizard.

? ? ? MYSTERY SONG ? ? ?


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