Number 6! Seems like I’m in this for the long haul. There’s a good mix of genres this week, so be sure to check it out.

1.) Nomine

I discovered Nomine a couple of days ago whilst browsing the “new releases” section in Electronic music on iTunes. Nomine’s songs are riddled with dark tech sounds that seem to have an ‘oriental’ influence, which shines through in the majority his tracks, and his releases so far reveal his impressive skills as a sound designer.

His latest release titled ‘Blind Man’ explores a variety of genres and the stand out track for me was ‘To The Sky’, featuring vocals from Iustina. In this tune, chant-like voices echo out into the spacious atmosphere created by Nomine as bass synths throb like waves in a mysterious ocean. Imagine a ritual being carried out under a starry sky, lit by the orange glow of a big fire, whilst drums thunder into the night.

Great track; tense, eerie and captivating. Here’s a link:

To The Sky – Nomine

2.) The Cat Empire

Time for something a little more cheery now! The Cat Empire have been around since 1999, albeit under the name ‘Jazz Cat’ back then, and they’ve brought their infectious concoction of Ska, Jazz, Latin and Reggae to people across the world. Their self titled debut album, released in 2003, is still one of my favourite records and I revisited it again just the other day.

My favourite track from the album, if I really had to choose, would be ‘One Four Five’. The track is a reference to the uplifting chord progression by the same name and it’s probably the catchiest song I’ve ever heard; but in a good way, not like that song in the charts that makes you want to cut your ears off because you’ve heard it so much against your own will (i.e. any ‘Flo Rida’ song ever).

Fun lyrics, loads of brass and it’s almost summer! The perfect time for some Cat Empire. Here’s a link:

One, Four, Five – The Cat Empire

 3.) Henry Green

Henry Green showed up on my radar about a year ago when I heard his cover of hugely popular MGMT track ‘Electric Feel’. Green’s take on the song reveals it in a completely different light – intimate and spacious. I can imagine him singing this to a girl in the crowd and her heart melting and, if I’m being honest, mine would probably melt too.

Anyway, the track starts off with a clean electric guitar, bathed in reverb, strumming the instantly recognisable intro from the original. Then Mr. Green starts singing and all your problems melt away.

Henry Green and his guitar are the only things you hear in the track – and that’s all you need.  Check it out: 

Electric Feel – Henry Green

4.) Flava D

Flava D is a talented DJ / producer and she’s just released a garage banger called ‘Closer’, featuring Miss Fire. The track starts off with a typical garage beat before a pad and organ come in which, altogether, creates a nice ‘lounge around in the garden’ kind of vibe. Miss Fire’s vocals come in, whilst a string synth plays in the background, before the instrumental drops away. Cue gun-finger.

You were lounging before, but you’re dancing now. YouTube link here:

Closer (feat. Miss Fire) – Flava D

5.) ? ? ?

Okay, here’s the last track. I’m not going to say a single word about this next song, or the band, but you should definitely listen; you can thank me later.

Check it out:

 ? ? ? MYSTERY SONG ? ? ?


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