Half way to article number 10 anniversary, yay! No? Okay, here’s some tunes.

1.) Jazz Purple

First of all, someone’s gotta say it, Jazz Purple. What. A. Name. As well handling all the production for Bipolar Sunshine, and producing the pair’s ‘Aesthetic Sounds 1.0’ mix-tape, Jazz released his first solo single at the beginning of March. He is beginning to cement himself as a diverse and talented producer, evidenced by the fact that he has explored a variety of genres and styles and, more importantly, executed the production.

Jazz’s single ‘Do You’, featuring Diversa, reminds me of Feed Me – an extremely talented and well renowned producer in his own right, and that can only be a good thing. Aggressive flurries of distorted lead synths, accompanied by punchy drums and a bass that kicks you in the stomach make you wish you had a crowd of people to dive on to. Contrary to the heavy elements of the song, Jazz lays some crooning and emotional sounding vocals over the beat too. A short break-down gives you a few seconds of respite, but it’s not long before the song slaps you awake again.

This is some hard shit. Here’s a link:

Do You – Jazz Purple

2.) Phony Ppl

Phony Ppl’s track ‘Why iii Love The Moon’ is infectious to say the least. Although lyrically the song offers a sentimental lesson about love and trust, the piano stabs, boom bap style drums and funky bass-line are upbeat and lively. The group are vocally diverse too, with bars being derived by husky vocals as well as rapping. All in all, the track is bursting with playful energy and good vibes.

What more could you want? Check it out here:

Why iii Love The Moon – Phony Ppl

3.) Born Thief

This band from Bradford was recommended to me by a friend and I’ve been in love with their song ‘In My Head’ ever since. The track starts off with a drum beat that instantly remind me of Radiohead’s ‘Reckoner’, before some percussion, guitar and piano join in.

The gentle, almost fragile, vocals sung by the band’s frontman are the cherry on this very delicious psychedelic Indie Rock cake. This is an amazing song that deserves way more attention than the 2,500 it currently has (on YouTube). Great guitar solo in there too.

Here’s a link:

In My Head – Born Theif

4.) Jon Hopkins

Jon Hopkins has not long released an EP called ‘Asleep Versions’ which features stripped back versions of already existing songs of his. This EP was influenced by Mr. Hopkins’ interest in meditation, and you’ll probably hear why.

Each song is a meticulously constructed piece of art in it’s own right, as Hopkins likes to delve into great detail when he is designing his sounds. Initially, you might be thinking that this sounds a bit robotic but the end result is far from it. Jon Hopkins’ songs are beautiful. They’re like ever-changing landscapes of sweeping sound and every so often a new snippet will pop out at you; it will be satisfying when you hear it. Usually I’d pick just the one song for you to listen to but this whole EP is amazing. I wholeheartedly recommend you listen to it.

This EP may as well be the national anthem for escapism. You can check it out on iTunes, but here’s a YouTube link for your convenience:

Asleep Versions – Jon Hopkins

5.) ? ? ?

You’ve probably heard of him by now, but if not him then you’ve probably heard of the band he’s in. If you still have no idea what I’m talking about, it’s about time you heard both. This guy’s debut album is coming out in June and here’s one of the singles from it.

Check it:

? ? ? MYSTERY SONG ? ? ?


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