Here we go, Artists of the Week 4.

1.) Manu Delago:

This guy is the only musician that I’m aware of who uses a Hang drum in every song he performs; and he’s pretty damn good at it too. Delago’s latest single ‘Disgustingly Beautiful’, featuring vocals from Isa Kurz, seems different from his previous songs. A lot of his tracks are entirely focused on the Hang drum (an instrument that can be tapped and slapped in a variety of ways and places to create different notes and sounds), and the songs are minimal and stripped back the whole way through.

However, ‘Disgustingly Beautiful’ has much more going on. A heavy 808-style bass, that plays when every kick hits, rattles your bones as Delago’s Hang drum melody serenades you. In contrast to the vocals and other instrumentation, Delago makes use of glitchy samples that create a weird and wonderful juxtaposition. All that might sound a little strange at first but it works really well; like cookies and milk.

Amazing song and great production. Like I said, cookies and milk. Here’s a link:

Disgustingly Beautiful – Manu Delagu

2.) Submotion Orchestra:

I’ve been following these guys for a while now and, in my humble opinion, this band is nothing short of immense. Through the use of synthesizers and expert musicianship, Submotion Orchestra have a wonderful way of blending elements of genres such as Jazz with electronic music . Anyways, I’ve been revisiting them this week, as I often do, and I came across an old favourite of mine called ‘It’s Not Me It’s You’.

This track is one of the more up-beat songs to come from the band, and the instruments are more electronic based this time as the song focuses on more modern genres, although horns and live drums feature throughout. The track is bursting with life and will have you dancing in no time. Great band, go check them out!

Here’s a link to “It’s Not Me It’s You”:

It’s Not Me It’s You – Submotion Orchestra 

3.) Jordan Rakei:

I stumbled across Jordan Rakei on iTunes, whilst checking out Tuxedo’s new album, and I’m glad I did. His song ‘Add the Baseline’, part of the ‘Groove Curse’ EP, is evidence that Mr. Rakei has plenty of soul; and he isn’t afraid to use it.

The track starts off with some slightly husky, and very catchy, vocals accompanied by a typically warm organ. The drums come in out of the blue, and suddenly everything falls in to place as a funky bass line follows suit and some scratchy, muted guitar plays a skank rhythm alongside. This track sounds and feels just like a band having a good old fashioned jam.

Check it out here:

Add The Baseline – Jordan Rakei

4.) Koan Sound:

This production duo from Bristol are probably more renowned for their heavy brand of funk infused trip-hop, which can be heard in their earlier releases, and for being on Skrillex’s label, ‘OWSLA’. Their track ‘Lost In Thought’ however isn’t a reflection of either of those things. See what I did there? Thought… reflection… Okay, I won’t lie, that was a complete accident.

Anyways, Lost In Thought really does encapsulate what Koan Sound are capable of, and this track is nothing short incredible. The song starts off with a low rumbling sound and some short, reversed bursts tickle your ear drums here and there before some choir like vocals fade in. This may well be on the playlist angels use as they take you to heaven, if there is such a thing. A piano starts to twinkle over the pads before a more purposeful melody starts to play, and you can sense that the build up has almost climaxed. ‘Lost In Thought’ is an amazing song and, like the song probably suggests, its perfect for daydreaming.

Even if it’s the only thing you do today you need to go and listen to this song. You’ll feel better afterwards – trust me.

Lost In Thought – Koan Sound

5.) ? ? ?

Okay, last but not least, if you read ‘Artists of the Week 1’ you’ll already be familiar with these guys.

Check it out here and remember to support these artists and buy the music! Otherwise they can’t exist:

? ? ? MYSTERY SONG ? ? ?