It’s AOTW number three and it’s good one! Let’s get right into it and treat your ears then shall we?

1.) Spooky Black

I heard Spooky Black’s tune ‘Without You’, produced by Greaf, yesterday and I was taken away; maybe even literally, I’m pretty sure I became one with the sofa whilst this track was playing.

This guy is only sixteen, but his unique twist on RnB and Trap sounds established over many years deserves to be heard. Having said that, this track actually went viral and has amassed more than 2 million views. I’m not sure whose idea it was to merge the two genres, or whether it happened as effortlessly as it sounds like it did, but either way I’m glad it happened.

A lush, atmospheric pad synth and a tight snare start kick start the tune before Spooky’s mellow, almost lazy, vocals drift into the song; accompanied by a thick bass that makes your stomach vibrate in all the right ways.

Fancy drifting to sleep or slipping into a daydream? Press play. Want to turn your sofa into a cloud? Press play. Or just fancy listening to some new music? Press play!

Without You – Spooky Black

2.) Tee Vish

Dance music producer Tee Vish and experienced vocalist Jenna G have made a banger. The track is called ‘Don’t Hold Back’ and it’s recently been released on Manchester based label Big People Music, run by Madam X.

The track hits the ground running with a typical UK Funky style ‘four to the floor’ beat accompanied by a swirling, pitch bending lead/pad. The song comes to a breakdown and Jenna lays down infectious, summer anthem-esque vocals as the song builds into the chorus. All of a sudden, a somewhat unexpected switch up occurs as the song drops away, leaving just Jenna’s vocals, before a gritty bass-line quickly kicks down the door (metaphorically of course, unless your speakers are that loud). The song you were ‘two-stepping’ to just became an arm flailing banger.

A fast paced summer anthem, despite being released in January, that is sure to play a part in a number of festivals this summer.

Don’t Hold Back – Tee Vish & Jenna G

3.) The Four Owls

This group of four London based MC’s/rappers recently teamed up with the legendary Hip Hop producer DJ Premier to birth the track ‘Think Twice’; presumably after grabbing his attention, or pulling out their pockets to pay Premier for the beat.

Regardless, Premier delivers some sharp production, nothing less than what his fans have become accustomed to, and ‘The Four Owls’ spit some solid, catchy bars. A hard hitting beat, typical old school hip hop sampling and aggressive vocals. Nice.

The finished product makes quite a statement and will feature on the Owls’ upcoming album ‘Natural Order’.

Think Twice – The Four Owls

4.) Mario Basanov

Mario Basanov is now probably better known as ‘Ten Walls’, producer of the house track called ‘Walking With Elephants’, which has since gone viral. Ten walls has grabbed quite a lot of attention but Mario Basanov hasn’t reached the same heights, despite amassing a few hundred thousand plays on each track.

Basanov flirts with the deeper, more atmospheric side of house music with tracks such as ‘Slip Away’, featuring Rahjwanti, who delivers some beautifully hypnotic vocals. There’s a good chance he will continue to release his work solely as Ten Walls considering the recent success there, but Mario Basanov’s tunes deserve some limelight too!

Take a listen: 

Slip Away (feat. Rahjwanti) – Mario Basanov

5.) ? ? ?

I hard a hard time narrowing down the music I’d heard this week, and it was even harder picking the last one, but I got there in the end! So here’s the last song/artist I’ll be sharing this week where the music will speak for itself. To be honest all of these artists could do a very good job of speaking for themselves, but there can only be one.

Anyway, I’m rambling, here’s this week’s mystery song…

P.S. The cover is part of a new mix tape, ‘Aesthetics 1.0’, which you should check out!

? ? ? MYSTERY SONG ? ? ?


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